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Aspen Veterinary Service is a mobile veterinary business dedicated to preserving a country way of life, and promoting general farm animal health and production.  The species of choice is cattle, but all livestock can be treated by Aspen Veterinary Service.



Owners have the option of purchasing vaccines and administering them to their own animals, or having a veterinarian make a farm call for a general wellness exam and vaccine administration.  The only exception is Brucellosis vaccines to heifers which requires a farm call, and rabies vaccine to any livestock.



A specialty offered is artificial insemination of cattle, goats, and swine.  Some reproductive work in horses is also offered, and a modern ultrasound machine is available for use on all types of livestock.  Aspen Veterinary Service also offers:

Pregnancy diagnosis for most species

Egg incubation for most poultry types

Frozen semen storage of all species

Click here for a list of Frozen Semen Choices  



Breeding Soundness exams on mares and cows are available, as well as limited reproductive soundness evaluations on bulls, billies, rams, and stallions.  Other wellness services include:

Coggins (EIA)Test for Horses

Pre-purchase Exams

Health Certificates

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Tuberculosis and Tritrichomoniasis Testing




Farm calls to treat alpacas, llamas, domestic herds of elk and bison are welcome. 



Aspen Veterinary Service is available at night and on the weekends for most livestock emergencies. Dr. Bowes is proficient in field surgeries and can perform on-the-farm c-sections and laceration repairs. She is well versed in colic management and has a portable ultrasound machine that operates on electricity or batteries. Her vet truck is also equipped with a battery operated microscope, warm water, refrigerated antibiotics, and can tow a portable cattle squeeze chute. 




Commercial herd health services are available for most species, but hobby farm advice is usually free.  Please call for details.




(208) 659-6825