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Aspen Veterinary Service has stored semen from cattle, bucks, and swine for sale on a per straw basis. This can be included in the artificial insemination package. To purchase semen, buyers wanting cattle or goat semen must have a liquid nitrogen tank for transfer, or the semen must be placed (artificially inseminated) by Dr. Annie Bowes. Pig semen is much more stable, and clients can purchase the semen, have it thawed and prepared, and transport it back to their farm for insemination in their sow on their own, or arrange for Dr. Annie Bowes to artificially inseminate the sow.


Available Dairy Bulls:

Jersey Sexed Semen (90% female) $57

Jersey Milk Production $40

Mini Jersey Milk Production A2/A2 $85


Available Beef Bulls:

Hereford Calving Ease $40

Hereford Excellent Maternal Line, Low Birth Weight $55


Black Angus Calving Ease, Excellent Maternal Line $35

Polled Black Angus, Docile $30

Lowline Angus $40

Show Quality Angus $40


Longhorn Curled Horn, Blue Roan $30

Longhorn Broad Horn, Red Roan $40

Limousin, Good Maternal Line $45

Piedmontese (double muscling) $25


Available Bucks:

Lamancha $35 and $45


Available Boars:

Berkshire $45

Yorkshire $40

Durok $40




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