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 Aspen Veterinary Service is owned and operated by Dr. Annie Bowes.  Dr. Bowes graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor�s degree in veterinary science followed by a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University.

Dr. Bowes has been a long time resident of north Idaho, and had previously made her home in Montana.  She is a participant of the USDA and NIFA funded VMLRP for well qualified food animal veterinarians in rural areas such as Kootenai County, Idaho.   She raises horses, cows, chickens, ducks, swine, and commercial hay and is married to her best friend, Pete Bowes.  Together they operate several other companies including Emergency Pet Care,   ISP Driving Academy and Bluebird Farm & Horse Ranch


Dr. Bowes� passion is cattle work, and she has many years experience given that her grandfather had a Holstein dairy and she raises her own beef cattle. She is just a down to earth farm girl that happens to also be a veterinarian. She loves the smell of a milking parlor and doesn�t mind getting her boots muddy.


Immunology is another interest of Dr. Bowes, and she has previously worked for the USDA developing cattle vaccines.  The intricate details of disease resistance are no mystery to her, and she takes herd health very seriously. Additionally, Dr. Bowes is Native American and her immediately family members are known as the Healers. She has dedicated her life to animal health from a very early age, and has a tremendous working background in medicine as it pertains to animals.


Favorite pastimes of Dr. Bowes include writing, hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, and horseback riding.  Dr. Bowes is a published author, and an avid amateur photographer having won several contests with her work.







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