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The following list of services are intended to be a guide.  Please understand that circumstances may dictate an increase in the normal cost of service.  Possible reasons for an increase in fees include: uncooperative animals in inadequate holding facilities, chemical restraint methods, longer than predicted amounts of time to perform a given task, and the need for additional help in capturing or maintaining the animal.   


If you would like a more accurate quote, please do not hesitate to call.  Also, donít forget to add the Farm Call fee into your estimate.


Routine work includes:

Ultrasound Exam   $35

Equine Passport   $40

Coggins (EIA) Test   $30

Castration   $95

Clean sheath   $30

Float teeth   $55

Foal IgG test   $34



Some procedures may require sedation which is an additional cost. The exact amount of sedation is difficult to determine given the myriad of drug choices for each situation and each individual animal. One can expect to pay between $35 and $100 additional depending on the amount of drug needed and the cooperation of the animal.


Available Vaccines include:

West Nile $30

Tetanus Booster $12

Strangles IN $34, or $22 IM

Rhinopneumonitis $15

Prestige V $50


Dewormers available:

Ivermectin Paste $7

Pyrantel Pamoate Paste $15

Praziquantel Paste $20

Fenbendazole Paste $20


If itís not listed here, please call and ask.  Your animalís health is very important to Aspen Veterinary Service and routine care is a major component of husbandry.  The mission statement of this company is taken very seriously: Aspen Veterinary Service is dedicated to preserving a country way of life, and promoting general farm animal health and production.

Together, we keep American farms and ranches going strong.




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