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Farm Calls are based on distance traveled from a central point in Post Falls, Idaho. 


Farms within 15 miles incur a fee of $50

Farms between 16 and 25 miles away cost $65

Farms between 26 and 35 miles away cost $80

Farms further than 35 miles away usually require a quote, but expect to pay about $100


A basic wellness exam is $40 for most animals, however poultry may be charged on a per animal or per flock basis depending on the problem.  Additionally, large herds of livestock with an ongoing problem may be charged on a herd basis as well, which will reduce the cost of continued visits and multiple exams.


Cost of routine services by species can be accessed by clicking on the pictures below:



Cattle                                                   Horses



  Small Ruminants                   Camelids/Exotics




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