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Camelids, Exotics, Poultry, Swine,

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The following list of services are intended to be a guide.  Please understand that circumstances may dictate an increase in the normal cost of service.  Possible reasons for an increase in fees include: uncooperative animals in inadequate holding facilities, chemical restraint methods, longer than predicted amounts of time to perform a given task, and the need for additional help in capturing or maintaining the animal.   


Aspen Veterinary Service will gladly see llamas, alpacas, chickens, ducks, emus, elk, bison, and swine. If youíre farming it, Aspen will try to help you be productive!


Routine work includes:

Health Certificate $25

Camelid Castration $95


Brucellosis or Bluetongue Testing  $51.75 for the first

animal, $16.75 for additional


Vaccines available:

Clostridium and Tetanus $8


Other available services are: Bovine Viral Diarrhea testing of camelids, egg incubation for most poultry and waterfowl, microchipping and ultrasound of all species, artificial insemination of swine, and frozen swine semen storage.

Click here for a list of Frozen Semen Choices  


If itís not listed here, please call and ask.  A more accurate quote can also be given based on your individual needs.  Also, donít forget to add the Farm Call fee into your estimate.


Your animalís health is very important to Aspen Veterinary Service and routine care is a major component of husbandry.  The mission statement of this company is taken very seriously: Aspen Veterinary Service is dedicated to preserving a country way of life, and promoting general farm animal health and production.

Together, we keep American farms and ranches going strong.




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